Cloé Gendronneau

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M.A. in development economics and public policy, Toulouse School of Economics; B.A. in mathematics and economics, Toulouse School of Economics


Cloé Gendronneau is an analyst at RAND Europe working in the areas of home affairs and social policy. She has an M.A. in economics from the Toulouse School of Economics, specialising in development economics and public policy. She has worked on projects such as the Healthiest Workplace in Britain and in Asia, the review of the Vitality Age and the cost of non-Europe in the fight against terrorism. Prior to joining RAND, Gendronneau completed a 6-month internship at TATU Project in Moshi, Tanzania, where she enhanced her skills as a project coordinator, monitoring 3 projects aimed at empowering women. Other activities during this internship included project design, activities planning, research, evaluation and team management.

Previous Positions

Research Assistant

Recent Projects

  • Measuring Migration and Labour Mobility in the Eu using Big Data
  • Britain Healthiest Workplace
  • AIA Healthiest Workplace
  • Vitality Age Extension


French; English