Gene Germanovich

gene germanovich, g0619
Senior Defense Analyst
Washington Office


BS in international affairs, Georgia Tech; MA in security studies, Georgetown University


Gene Germanovich is a senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation. His research areas of interest include military planning, security cooperation, the NATO alliance, maritime security, amphibious capabilities, and the defense budget. Prior to joining RAND, he spent eleven years at a national security consulting firm where he conducted policy analysis, strategic planning, and wargaming for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Marine Corps, and other U.S. government clients. A fluent Russian speaker, he earned a BS in International Affairs (Georgia Tech) and MA in Security Studies (Georgetown University).


  • NATO Response Force and Allied Marines from the U.K., U.S., Sweden, and Finland simulate amphibious assaults on a Swedish beachhead during BALTOPS 2015

    The Hidden Potential of NATO's Gator Navies

    Improving U.S.-European amphibious interoperability would bolster the alliance's defense posture in a non-provocative manner that complements recent moves in land forces. The 2017 Summit in Brussels presents an opportunity to refine allied ground posture while adding this maritime dimension.

    Mar 17, 2017 Defense One