Julian Glenesk

Photo of Julian Glenesk
Research Assistant
Cambridge Office


M.Eng. in transportation engineering and planning, University of Toronto; B.A.Sc. in business informatics, McMaster University


Julian Glenesk is a research assistant with RAND Europe working in the area of choice modelling and valuation. He has a particular interest in sustainable transportation.

Glenesk is experienced in data analysis (notably Excel, SPSS and Java) as well as rapid evidence assessments (REAs) and literature reviews. At RAND Europe, he has been involved with transport models for Greater Copenhagen, the West Midlands and the National Transport Model for the UK, as well as REAs on traffic growth trends, travel demand modelling techniques, and economic/wellbeing outcomes of infrastructure investments in developing countries.

Glenesk has a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto in transport engineering. He has previously worked on projects such as a suitability assessment of a Toronto inter-modal mobility hub, public transport service analyses of the Toronto Transit Commission, and a literature review on barriers to multi-modal freight usage in Canada.


  • Ofo cycles lined up and ready for use at a railway station, Cambridge, UK, April 26, 2018

    Dockless Bikes Provide Urban Challenges, but China's Experience Shows They Can Work

    By encouraging more people to cycle, bike-sharing platforms could provide many potential benefits through reduced congestion, reduced air pollution and health benefits. There are, however, challenges related to pressures on existing cycling infrastructure due to the increase in new bikes, and theft and vandalism of the bikes.

    May 31, 2018 Cambridge Independent