Geoffrey E. Grimm

Photo of Geoffrey Grimm
Research Programmer
Washington Office


M.A. in social sciences/public policy, University of Chicago; B.A. in anthropology/linguistics, Illinois Wesleyan University


Geoffrey Grimm is a research programmer at the RAND Corporation. His work covers statistical modeling with a focus on causal inference and quasi-experimental methods; automated data collection (e.g., web crawling); analytic tool development; and data visualization. Current and recent project work includes program evaluations of a large-scale educational interventions, modeling and analytic approaches to understanding suicidality in the military, development and deployment of tools and systems for data analysis and automated data collection, and enterprise cloud infrastructure policy.

Selected Publications

Catherine H. Augustine, John Engberg, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Emma Lee, Elaine L. Wang, Karen Christianson, Andrea Joseph, Can restorative practices improve school climate and curb suspensions?RAND Corporation (RR-2840), 2018

Susan G. Straus, Tracy C. McCausland, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Kate Giglio, Malleability and measurement of Army leader attributes: personnel development in the U.S. Army, RAND Corporation (RR-1583), 2018

Michael W. Robbins, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Brian M. Stecher, V. Darleen Opfer, "A Comparison of Strategies for Recruiting Teachers Into Survey Panels," SAGE Open, 2018

Maria C. Lytell, Susan G. Straus, Chad C. Cerena, Geoffrey E. Grimm, James L. Doty, Jennie W. Wenger, Andrea A. Golay, Andrew M. Naber, Clifford A. Grammich, Eric S. Fowler, Assessing competencies and proficiency of Army intelligence analysts across the career lifecycle, RAND Corporation (RR-1851), 2017

Benjamin Master, David Schulker, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Lea Xenakis, Combining Entrepreneurship and Web Development for High School Students A Pilot Evaluation of the Startup Tech Program and High School Students' College and Career Aspirations, RAND Corporation (RR-1747), 2017

Terri Tanielian, Michael L. Hansen, Laurie T. Martin, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Cordaye Ogletree, Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Veterans in the Metro Detroit Area, RAND Corporation (RR-1346), 2016

Honors & Awards

  • Spotlight-Innovation Award, 2017, Emerging Policy Research and Methods, RAND Corporation
  • Spotlight Award, 2016, Arroyo Center, RAND Corporation


Python; R; STATA; SQL