Katrin Hambarsoomian

Statistical Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.S. in biostatistics, University of California, Los Angeles


Katrin Hambarsoomian is a statistical analyst at the RAND Corporation. At RAND she has applied complex analysis techniques, such as random effects modeling, analysis of survey data, and non-response analysis, to various studies. Hambarsoomian has extensive experience working with large and complex datasets and writing official project reports. She has worked as lead analyst on several Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) research studies and has extensive experience with studies related to torture and trauma. Hambarsoomian earned her Master's degree in biostatistics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Recent Projects

  • Cambodian Trauma Survivors
  • Medicare CAHPS
  • Hosptial CAHPS
  • Hospice CAHPS

Selected Publications

Elliott MN, Haviland AM, Orr N, Hambarsoomian K, Cleary PD, "How do the Experiences of Medicare Beneficiary Subgroups Differ Between Managed Care and Original Medicare.," Health Services Research, 46(4):1039-1058, 2011

Haviland AM, Elliott MN, Hambarsoomian K, Lurie N, "Immunization Disparities by Hispanic Ethnicity and Language Preference," Archives of Internal Medicine, 171(2):158-165, 2011

Wong EC, Schell TL, Marshall GN, Elliott MN, Babey SH, Hambarsoomian K, "The Unusually Poor Physical Health Status of Cambodian Refugees Two Decades After Resettlement," Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 13(5):876-882, 2011

Elliott MN, Lehrman WG, Goldstein E, Hambarsoomian K, Beckett MK, Giordano LA, "Do Hospitals Rank Differently on HCAHPS for Different Patient Subgroups?" Medical Care Research and Revie, 67(1):56-73, 2010

Shih RA, Schell TL, Hambarsoomian K, Belzberg H, Marshall GN, "Prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder and major depression after trauma center hospitalization," Journal of Trauma, 69(6):1560-1566, 2010

Goldstein E, Elliott MN, Lehrman WG, Hambarsoomian K, Giordano LA, "Racial/Ethnic Differences in Patients' Perceptions of Inpatient Care Using the HCAHPS Survey," Medical Care Research and Review, 67(1):74-92, 2010

Ramchand R, Marshall G N, Schell TL, Jaycox LH, Hambarsoomian K, Shetty V, Hinika GS, Cryer HG, Meade P, Belzberg H, "Alcohol abuse and illegal drug use among Los Angeles County trauma patients: Prevalence and evaluation of single item screener.," J Trauma, 66:1461-1467, 2009

Honors & Awards

  • Silver Merit Award, 2005, RAND