Henry Hargrove

Photo of Henry Hargrove
Technical Analyst
Pittsburgh Office


Bachelor of Science in applied physics, Carnegie Mellon University; Master of Engineering Management in statistical process control, Old Dominion University


Henry Hargrove is a technical analyst at the RAND Corporation. He has demonstrated subject matter expertise on cyber warfare, models and simulation, and human behavior modeling in his project portfolio and when representing RAND to external sponsors. His professional interests include military and homeland defense operations using sociotechnical systems, intelligent systems, organizational behavior, and predictive frameworks. He has recently used several simulation products for research: Joint Integrated Contingency Model (JICM); Infantry Warrior Simulation (IWARS); One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF); Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration, and Modeling (AFSIM); and Unreal Engine. He has given briefings on RAND work at the Interservice Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference; the Army Operational Research Symposium; and the Army Modeling Simulation Office Gaps Forum.

Before joining RAND in 2017, Hargrove served in the US Navy for eleven years. During that time, he completed several strategic deterrent patrols onboard an OHIO-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, served as a Department Head on two VIRGINIA-class fast-attack submarines, and taught nuclear power technology at the Modifications and Additions to a Reactor Facility prototype. During operations critical to national security, he was directly responsible for analyzing real-time intelligence, aggregating historical intelligence and technical reports, and formulating tactical options. He is well versed in the fight against near peer competitors.

Majoring in Applied Physics at Carnegie Mellon University, Hargrove also pursued coursework in robotics. He later earned a Master of Engineering Management at Old Dominion University. His capstone research applied control charts to teaching methodology, identifying three methods to reduce student attrition.

Recent Projects

  • Future Warfare
  • Cyber Warfare
  • Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Will to Fight: Motivation and Combat Effectiveness

Selected Publications

Connable, Ben; McNerney, Michael J.; Marcellino, William.; Frank, Aaron.; Hargrove, Henry.; Posard, Marek.; Zimmerman, S. Rebecca.; Lander, Natasha.; Castillo, Jasen.; Sladden, James., Will to Fight: Defining, modeling, and simulating the will to fight of military units, RAND Corporation, 2018

Muharrem Mane, Anthony D. Rosello, Paul Emslie, Thomas Edward Goode, Henry Hargrove, and Tucker Reese, Developing Operationally Relevant Metrics for Measuring and Tracking Readiness in the U.S. Air Force, RAND Corporation, 2020


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