Gabriel Hassler

Gabriel Hassler
Associate Statistician


B.A. in anthropology, Washington University in St Louis; Ph.D. in biomathematics, University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)


Gabriel Hassler (he/him) is an associate statistician at RAND. He is interested broadly in computational Bayesian statistics and developing flexible yet highly structured statistical models that are scalable to big data. He has applied his methodological work to study relationships between viral genetics and clinical outcomes in HIV/AIDS, the evolutionary dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 epidemic in North America, and the evolution of numerous other biological organisms over time. Hassler received his B.A. in anthropology and biology at Washington University in St. Louis and his Ph.D. in biomathematics at UCLA.

Selected Publications

Gabriel W Hassler, Max R. Tolkoff, William L. Allen, Lam Si Tung Ho, Philippe Lemey & Marc A. Suchard, "Inferring Phenotypic Trait Evolution on Large Trees With Many Incomplete Measurements," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2022

Gabriel W. Hassler, Brigida Gallone, Leandro Aristide, William L. Allen, Max R. Tolkoff, Andrew J. Holbrook, Guy Baele, Philippe Lemey, Marc A. Suchard, "Principled, practical, flexible, fast: A new approach to phylogenetic factor analysis," Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2022

Anderson F. Brito, Elizaveta Semenova, Gytis Dudas, Gabriel W. Hassler, et al., "Global disparities in SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance.," Nature Communications, 2022

Nathaniel L Matteson, Gabriel W Hassler, Ezra Kurzban, Madison A Schwab, Sarah A Perkins, Karthik Gangavarapu, Joshua I Levy, Edyth Parker, David Pride, Abbas Hakim, Peter De Hoff, Willi Cheung, Anelizze Castro-Martinez, Andrea Rivera, Anthony Veder, Aria, "Genomic surveillance reveals dynamic shifts in the connectivity of COVID-19 epidemics," Cell, 186(26), 2023