Katherine C. Hastings

Photo of Katherine Hastings
Associate Mathematician
Pittsburgh Office


PhD in mathematical sciences (operations research concentration), Clemson University; MS in mathematical sciences (operations research concentration), Clemson University


Katherine Hastings is an Associate Mathematician at the RAND Corporation. Her background includes a diverse training in the mathematical sciences, including operations research, stochastic processes, statistics, and computation, with a research concentration of optimization in stochastic networks.

Her recent research portfolio contains extensive analytical analyses with the realm of national defense and security including Air Force medical operations in contested and contaminated environments (e.g., optimizing storage locations of prepositioned materiel, patient outcomes at medical treatment facilities, and operational impacts of chemical and biological attacks); examination of the supply and demand of United States Joint Force elements across a range of unknown futures; an assessment of Army UAV performance with respect to target detection and exploitation under varying levels of autonomy; and an evaluation of Army radio network performance in environments with differing degress of compromised communication. Hastings has also developed models to simulate the behavior and long-term stability of certain DoD workforces, simulate the transport of Army materiel during contingency operations, and to predict future deployment requirements for expeditionary civilians for various types of possible operations.

Hastings earned her Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University.