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Senior Analyst
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Ph.D. in political science, University of British Columbia; M.A. in political science, University of British Columbia; M.A. in war studies, Royal Military College of Canada; B.A.(Hons) in international relations, University of Western Ontario

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Kaleigh Heard is a senior analyst working in the area of defence, security, and infrastructure at RAND Europe. Her research is at the intersection of human security and defence decisionmaking, particularly the ways in which human security issues influence operational effectiveness and success. She is a specialist in ethics, law, and human security issues during conflict and recovery, with particular expertise in the protection of civilians, international humanitarian law, transitional justice, forced migration, and good governance in fragile and conflict-affected environments. She is also actively involved in educating, training, and advising global armed forces on human security issues, including as an external subject matter expert for numerous NATO exercises.

Research topics of interest include the future of human security in complex environments; the conceptualisation of justice in conflict and conflict recovery; the transformation of children's care in complex conflict and migration environments; the intersectionality of human security and dangerous organisations; UK, EU, NATO and European security (particularly global strategic trends); futures, doctrine, and concepts; horizon scanning; and emerging transnational security issues. 

Before joining RAND, Heard served as conflict advisor and armed forces liaison manager for Transparency International, defence scientist (strategic analysis) for Defence Research and Development Canada, and held fellowships at Yale University and the University of Oxford. She continues to lecture at the University College London and University of British Columbia on topics including war and international law, forced migration, and human rights and world politics. Heard holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of British Columbia.

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Associate Lecturer, University College London


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