Zudik Hernandez

Zudik Hernandez
Research Assistant


M.Sc. in public policy and development, Toulouse School of Economics; B.Sc. in economics, Universidad de Costa Rica


Zudik Hernández is a defence, security and infrastructure research assistant at RAND Europe. His work focuses on a broad range of topics such as the implications of climate change on the UK defence and security processes and policy decisions, economic characteristics of the military industry, complex weapons development programs and horizon scanning.

Hernández also works in the transport and infrastructure domain, including methodologies such as choice modelling and futures scenarios. During his time at RAND he has developed expertise in methodologies including rapid evidence assessment literature reviews, expert interviews, quantitative modelling and wider econometric methods. He has worked on several transport projects exploring the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles, the adoption of battery electric vehicles in the UK, as well as policy and social implications of travel models that reflect transport behaviour.


Spanish; English; French; Dutch