Simon Hollands

Photo of Simon Hollands
Assistant Policy Researcher; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Santa Monica Office


M.Sc. in epidemiology and biostatistics, Western University; B.Sc. in economics and financial math, University of Victoria


Simon Hollands is  a doctoral candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and an assistant policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. Prior to joining Pardee RAND, Hollands was a senior research analyst at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, where he worked on biostatistical analyses, SAS programming, research study design, and drafting manuscripts, primarily for projects on drug safety and effectiveness. His  research investigated the effects of neighborhood-level fast-food restaurant density on adult BMI across Canada using a novel spatial-econometric approach. 

Hollands' research interests include health policy (specifically, pharmaceutical drug policy), health economics, and cost-effectiveness in health care. He has an M.S. in epidemiology and biostatistics from Western University and a B.S. in economics and financial math from the University of Victoria. 

Selected Publications

Finkelstein Y, Macdonald EM, Hollands S, Hutson JR, Sivilotti ML, Mamdani MM, Koren G, Juurlink DN, "Long-term outcomes following self-poisoning in adolescents: a population-based cohort study," Lancet Psychiatry, 2(6), 2015

Antoniou T, Hollands S, Macdonald EM, Gomes T, Mamdani MM, Juurlink DN, "Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole and risk of sudden death among patients taking spironolactone," CMAJ, 187(4), 2015

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Zipursky J, Macdonald EM, Hollands S, Gomes T, Mamdani M, Paterson M, Lathia N; Juurlink D, "Proton pump inhibitors and hospitalization with hypomagnesemia: A population-based case-control study," PLOS Medicine, 11(9), 2014

Hollands S, Campbell MK, Gilliland J, Sarma S, "A Spatial Analysis of the Association between Restaurant Density and BMI in Canadian Adults," Prev Medicine, 57(4), 2013

Hollands H, Johnson D, Hollands S, et al, "Do Findings on Routine Examination Identify Patients at Risk for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma? The Rational Clinical Examination Systematic Review," JAMA, 309(19), 2013