Ajay Karpur is a senior research software engineer at RAND, working with the Meselson Center, which is dedicated to reducing risks from biological threats and emerging technologies. The center combines in-depth policy research with state-of-the-art technical research to provide policymakers with the information and expertise needed to prevent, prepare for, and mitigate large-scale catastrophes, such as pandemics.

Before joining RAND, he worked on projects related to pandemic preparedness and biosecurity. Previously, he worked on projects related to machine learning, healthcare, and life sciences at AWS and at Grand Challenge, Amazon's moonshot lab. Prior to that, he was Co-founder and CTO at Somatic Labs, a company developing wearable devices for customers ranging from NASA to Fortune 500 companies. He has also conducted research in neural microsystems and human-computer interfaces.

Karpur's work has earned awards from NASA iTech and Defense TechConnect and has been featured in the BBC, MIT Technology Review, and IEEE Spectrum.


BSE in electrical engineering, Arizona State University

Selected Work

  • Nava Whiteford, Andrew Heron, Leonard McCline, Ales Flidr, Jacob Swett, Ajay Karpur, Towards ubiquitous metagenomic sequencing: a technology roadmap, Convergent Research, 2023
  • Sella Nevo, Dan Lahav, Ajay Karpur, Yogev Bar-On, Henry Alexander Bradley, Jeff Alstott, Securing AI Model Weights: Preventing Theft and Misuse of Frontier Models, RAND Corporation (RRA2849-1), 2024

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