Deborah King

Deborah King


Ph.D. in neuroscience and statistics, University of Cambridge; M.Phil. in neuroscience, University of Cambridge; B.Sc. in biomedicine, University of Lancaster


Deborah King is an analyst in science and emerging technology at RAND Europe. She focuses on the potential of data science approaches to support research and policy projects.

Her analytical skills are complemented by four years of professional experience in science communication. Her strengths include working across multiple levels of detail and communicating analytical findings with diverse audiences. She has experience of bibliometric analyses, literature reviews and expert interviews.

Data analysis skills include: visualising and cleaning data; summarising data in latent variables using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis; principal component analysis; structural equation models, with mediation and moderation; multiple linear regression; and invariance testing.

King has masters and doctorate degrees in neuroscience and statistics from the University of Cambridge.

Selected Publications

King et al, "Distinct components of cardiovascular health are linked with age-related differences in cognitive abilities," Scientific Reports, 2023