Lisa Kraus

Research Programmer and Analyst; Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Santa Monica Office


M.S. in public policy and management, Carnegie Mellon University; B.A. in interdisciplinary field studies, University of California, Berkeley


Lisa Kraus is a research programmer and analyst at the RAND Corporation and a Pardee RAND Graduate School faculty member. She has extensive experience analyzing data on a range of topics, including global and domestic health, the military, and criminal justice.

Kraus has expertise in using geographic information systems (GIS), Atlast.ti, SAS, Tableau, Dedoose, and GeoClip to perform a combination of quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis. She earned her M.S. in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Recent Projects

  • National Implementation of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan CAHPS
  • Promoting Physical Activity in High Poverty Neighborhoods
  • Trajectories of Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Adolescent/Young Women
  • RAND Center of Excellence for the Study of Appropriateness of Care in CAM
  • Assessing How Geographical Assignment Regulation Affects Reservists' Career Retention and Readiness

Selected Publications

Marquis, Jefferson P.; Duggan, Sean.; Gordon, Brian.; Miyashiro, Lisa., Assessing the ability of the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs to support the Afghan Local Police, National Defense Research Institute (U.S.): International Security and Defense Policy Center; United States: Office of the Secretary of Defense; Rand Corporation: National Security Research Division (RR-1399-OSD), 2016

Szayna, Thomas S.; Larson, Eric V.; O'Mahony, Angela.; Robson, Sean.; Schaefer, Agnes Gereben.; Matthews, Miriam.; Polich, J. Michael.; Ayer, Lynsay.; Eaton, Derek.; Marcellino, William.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Posard, Marek.; Syme, James.; Winkelman, Zev.; Wr, Considerations for integrating women into closed occupations in the U.S. Special Operations Forces, National Defense Research Institute (U.S.): Forces and Resources Policy Center and the U.S. Special Operations Command (RR-1058z1-USSOCOM), 2016

Brown, Ryan Andrew.; Marshall, Grant N., (1955-); Breslau, Joshua.; Farris, Coreen.; Osilla, Karen Chan.; Pincus, Harold Alan, (1951-); Ruder, Teague.; Voorhies, Phoenix.; Barnes-Proby, Dionne.; Pfrommer, Katherine.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Rana, Yashodhara.; A, Access to behavioral health care for geographically remote service members and dependents in the U.S., National Defense Research Institute (U.S.): Forces and Resources Policy Center (RR-578-OSD), 2015

Shih, Regina A.; Mullins, Leslie.; Ewing, Brett.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Tucker, Joan S.; Pedersen, Eric R.; Miles, Jeremy N. V.; D'Amico, Elizabeth J., Associations between neighborhood alcohol availability and young adolescent alcohol use, RAND Health (EP-50908), 2015

Hardison, Chaitra M.; Lim, Nelson.; Keller, Kirsten.; Marquis, Jefferson P.; Payne, Leslie.; Bozick, Robert.; Mariano, Louis T.; Mauro, Jacqueline A.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Oak, Gillian.; Saum-Manning, Lisa., Recommendations for improving the recruiting and hiring of Los Angeles Firefighters, RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment (Organization): Safety and Justice Program (RR-687-LAFD), 2015

Hussey, Peter S.; Ringel, Jeanne S.; Ahluwalia, Sangeeta Chandra.; Price, Rebecca Anhang.; Buttorff, Christine.; Concannon, Thomas W.; Lovejoy, Susan L.; Martsolf, Grant.; Rudin, Robert.; Schultz, Dana J.; Sloss, Elizabeth M.; Watkins, Katherine E.; Waxma, Resources and capabilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide timely and accessible care to veterans, RAND Health (RR-1165z2-VA), 2015