Lisa Kraus

Photo of Lisa Kraus
Research Programmer and Analyst; Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Off Site Office


M.S. in public policy and management, Carnegie Mellon University; B.A. in interdisciplinary field studies, University of California, Berkeley


Lisa Kraus is a research programmer and analyst at the RAND Corporation and a Pardee RAND Graduate School faculty member. She has extensive experience analyzing data on a range of topics, including global and domestic health, diversity recruitment and retention in the military, and mitigating strategies for natural hazards.

Kraus has expertise in using geographic information systems (GIS), Atlast.ti, SAS, Tableau, Dedoose, and NVivo to perform a combination of quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis. She earned her M.S. in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Recent Projects

  • National Implementation of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan CAHPS
  • Promoting Physical Activity in High Poverty Neighborhoods
  • Trajectories of Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Adolescent/Young Women
  • RAND Center of Excellence for the Study of Appropriateness of Care in CAM
  • Assessing How Geographical Assignment Regulation Affects Reservists' Career Retention and Readiness

Selected Publications

Marquis, Jefferson P.; Duggan, Sean.; Gordon, Brian.; Miyashiro, Lisa., Assessing the ability of the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs to support the Afghan Local Police, National Defense Research Institute (U.S.): International Security and Defense Policy Center; United States: Office of the Secretary of Defense; Rand Corporation: National Security Research Division (RR-1399-OSD), 2016

Szayna, Thomas S.; Larson, Eric V.; O'Mahony, Angela.; Robson, Sean.; Schaefer, Agnes Gereben.; Matthews, Miriam.; Polich, J. Michael.; Ayer, Lynsay.; Eaton, Derek.; Marcellino, William.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Posard, Marek.; Syme, James.; Winkelman, Zev.; Wr, Considerations for integrating women into closed occupations in the U.S. Special Operations Forces, National Defense Research Institute (U.S.): Forces and Resources Policy Center and the U.S. Special Operations Command (RR-1058z1-USSOCOM), 2016

Brown, Ryan Andrew.; Marshall, Grant N., (1955-); Breslau, Joshua.; Farris, Coreen.; Osilla, Karen Chan.; Pincus, Harold Alan, (1951-); Ruder, Teague.; Voorhies, Phoenix.; Barnes-Proby, Dionne.; Pfrommer, Katherine.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Rana, Yashodhara.; A, Access to behavioral health care for geographically remote service members and dependents in the U.S., National Defense Research Institute (U.S.): Forces and Resources Policy Center (RR-578-OSD), 2015

Shih, Regina A.; Mullins, Leslie.; Ewing, Brett.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Tucker, Joan S.; Pedersen, Eric R.; Miles, Jeremy N. V.; D'Amico, Elizabeth J., Associations between neighborhood alcohol availability and young adolescent alcohol use, RAND Health (EP-50908), 2015

Hardison, Chaitra M.; Lim, Nelson.; Keller, Kirsten.; Marquis, Jefferson P.; Payne, Leslie.; Bozick, Robert.; Mariano, Louis T.; Mauro, Jacqueline A.; Miyashiro, Lisa.; Oak, Gillian.; Saum-Manning, Lisa., Recommendations for improving the recruiting and hiring of Los Angeles Firefighters, RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment (Organization): Safety and Justice Program (RR-687-LAFD), 2015

Hussey, Peter S.; Ringel, Jeanne S.; Ahluwalia, Sangeeta Chandra.; Price, Rebecca Anhang.; Buttorff, Christine.; Concannon, Thomas W.; Lovejoy, Susan L.; Martsolf, Grant.; Rudin, Robert.; Schultz, Dana J.; Sloss, Elizabeth M.; Watkins, Katherine E.; Waxma, Resources and capabilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide timely and accessible care to veterans, RAND Health (RR-1165z2-VA), 2015