David Kravitz

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Data Scientist
Off Site Office


Ph.D. in algorithms, combinatorics, and optimization, Carnegie Mellon University; B.S. in mathematics, University of Delaware


David Kravitz is a data scientist at RAND. His career started at the National Security Agency, where he worked on cyber defense and designed numerous analytics to detect locations of terrorists. From there, Kravitz went on to work in insider threat detection, missile defense, and more before coming to RAND.

Kravitz has worked on a large variety of projects at RAND. He worked with the City of Santa Monica in their initiative to help the homeless; created missile defense software to simulate attacks from foreign adversaries; and worked on numerous projects involving analysis of social media, both network and text analysis, among other topics.

He is also an expert in graph analytics and cyber defense. He has led numerous workshops and courses at RAND to assist others in using and understanding capabilities of big data.