Giulia Lanfredi

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Research Assistant
Cambridge Office


M.Sc. in gender, policy and inequalities, London School of Economics and Political Science; M.Sc. in economics and management in art, culture, media and enterainment, Bocconi University; B.Sc. in economics and management for art, culture and communication, Bocconi University


Giulia Lanfredi (she/her) is a research assistant at RAND Europe working in the area of home affairs and social policy. Her studies focused on feminist political economy, especially on the provision of paid and unpaid care in European welfare states as well as on a global scale.

Before joining RAND, Lanfredi worked as a trainee at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in the research and statistics team, and co-authored a few research reports in the ‘Women and the Economy’ area of the Beijing Platform for Action, and EIGE’s Gender Equality Index 2020 (with a thematic focus on digitalisation and the future of work). Prior to EIGE, she worked for a Kolkata-based NGO providing educational, financial and medical assistance to women and children living in vulnerable communities in rural parts of West Bengal (India). This work included visiting and monitoring field projects such as microfinance banks, village schools and medical clinics. She also volunteered for a London-based NGO where she conducted a small-scale study on the gendered impact of explosive violence in Europe, and helped to monitor civilian casualties of explosive weapons in Syria. Lanfredi also worked as an editor for an Italian blog dedicated to social justice, gender equality and LGBT+ rights for over 6 years, and interned in an editorial firm specialised in financial journalism.

Selected Publications

Lanfredi et al., Gender equality and the socio-economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, EIGE (forthcoming)

Lanfredi et al., Gender equality prospects in labour markets transformed by artificial intelligence and platform work, EIGE (forthcoming)

Blandine Mollard, Jakub Caisl, Davide Barbieri, Marre Karu, Giulia Lanfredi, et al., Gender inequalities in care and consequences for the labour market, EIGE, 2021

Davide Barbieri, Jakub Caisl, Simon Carpentier, Giulia Lanfredi, et al., Gender equality and long-term care at home, EIGE, 2020

Davide Barbieri, Jakub Caisl, Marre Karu, Giulia Lanfredi, et al., Gender Equality Index 2020: Digitalisation and the future of work, EIGE, 2020

Lanfredi G., The gendered impact of suicide bombings in Europe: an analysis, Action On Armed Violence, 2019


Italian; English