Krista S. Langeland

Photo of Krista Langeland
Associate Physical Scientist
Santa Monica Office


A.L.B. in natural sciences, Harvard University; Ph.D. in materials science, California Institute of Technology


Krista S. Langeland is an associate physical scientist at the RAND Corporation. Her research interests include technology acquisition strategies, renewable energy policy, and advanced sensing technology.

Since joining RAND in 2012, her work has included analysis of modular product design and organizational structures, methods for incorporation of non-traditional sensors, and approaches for enhancing data ingestion and exploitation.

Prior to joining RAND, she received her Ph.D. in materials science from the California Institute of Technology, where she developed techniques for enhancing the efficiency of thin-film silicon solar cells. These efforts included an examination of light trapping mechanisms and resonant behavior in sub-wavelength device structures, solar cell device design and fabrication, and material and electrical characterization of semiconductor films. The results from this work contributed to ongoing research developing scalable and inexpensive photovoltaic devices.