Eric V. Larson

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Senior Policy Researcher
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. and M.Phil. in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; A.B. in political science, University of Michigan

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Eric V. Larson is a senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. He has over 30 years of government and research experience in national security, defense and foreign affairs, public opinion and media analysis, the analysis of Islamist extremist and other strategic discourse, and application of advanced methodologies and technologies to policy analysis.

Prior to joining RAND, Larson worked in the Executive Office of the President (1980-83), at the National Security Council Staff (1983-87), and at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA, 1987-89). 

Larson’s recent publications include: Force Planning Scenarios, 1945-2016: Their Origins and Use in Defense Strategic Planning, 2019; Defense Planning in a Time of Conflict, 2018; Evaluating the Army's Ability to Regenerate: History and Future Options, 2017; Convergent and Divergent U.S.-China Interests: Designing "Win-Win" Portfolios, 2016; Considerations for Integrating Women into Closed Occupations in U.S. Special Operations Forces, 2016; Closing the Strategy-Policy Gap in Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, 2014; Understanding and Influencing Public Support for Insurgency and Terrorism, RAND, 2012; China and India, 2025: A Comparative Assessment, RAND, 2011; “Al Qaeda’s Propaganda: A Shifting Battlefield,” in The Long Shadow of 9/11, RAND, 2011; Assessing Irregular Warfare: A Framework for Intelligence Assessment, RAND, 2009; Foundations of Effective Influence Operations, RAND, 2009; Misfortunes of War: Press and Public Reactions to Civilian Deaths in Wartime, RAND, 2007; and American Public Support for U.S. Military Operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad, 2005.

He earned an M.Phil and Ph.D. in policy analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and an A.B. in political science from the University of Michigan.

Recent Projects

  • Defense Planning Since 2001
  • Assured Access in the Asia-Pacific
  • Social Science for Intelligence Analysis
  • Women In SOF
  • Jihadist strategy, ideology, propaganda, and discourse

Selected Publications

Eric V. Larson and Bogdan Savych, American Public Support for U.S. Military Operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad, RAND Corporation (MG-231), 2006

Eric V. Larson et al., Ambivalent Allies? A Study of South Korean Attitudes Toward the U.S., RAND Corporation (TR-141), 2005

Eric V. Larson et al., Assuring Access in Key Strategic Regions: Toward a Long-Term Strategy, RAND Corporation (MG-112), 2004

Eric V. Larson and Bogdan Savych, Misfortunes of War: Press and Public Reactions to Civilian Deaths in Wartime, RAND Corporation (MG-441), 2003

Eric V. Larson, Casualties and Consensus: The Historical Role of Casualties in Domestic Support for U.S. Military Operations, RAND Corporation (MR-726), 1996

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: ABC; Chicago Tribune; China Jiangsu TV; Christian Science Monitor; Financial Times; The Guardian; Los Angeles Times; NBC; New York Times; Newsday; Reuters; Salon; Taiwan Central News Agency; Wall Street Journal; Washington Post; Yazhou Zhoukan (China)