Susie Lee

Photo of Susie Lee
Cambridge Office


PhD in biological anthropology, New York University, USA; BSc in child development and family studies, Seoul National University, South Korea


Susie Lee joined RAND Europe in September 2019, with over 10 years of research experiences in child & maternal health and childhood practices. She is trained in biological sciences, and experienced in data analysis and statistical modeling mostly on registry data on demographic information or behavioural/physiological data. She is interested in making scientific evidence and methodology more accessible for improving how society supports children and their families. At RAND Europe, she is involved in multiple projects related to social policy and health policy.

For her PhD, she analysed long-term demographic data to understand factors underlying the mortality and fertility patterns in free-ranging female rhesus macaques. One of her works contributes to a debate in global public health, by providing the first non-human evidence that birth interval is related to offspring mortality consistent with the findings in humans. She also has undergraduate training in early childhood education and care, and has experiences as an early childhood practitioner in South Korea.


English; Korean