Michael E. Linick

Photo of Michael Linick
Director, Personnel, Training, and Health Program, RAND Arroyo Center; Senior International / Defense Researcher
Washington Office


BA in politics, University of California, Santa Cruz; MA in national security, Georgetown; MA in security studies, Army War College; MA in world politics, Catholic University


Michael Linick directs the RAND Arroyo Center's Personnel, Training, and Health program, working with Army senior leaders to help RAND address their critical questions in the areas of Soldier and Family Wellness, Training Readiness and Effectiveness, Recruiting and Retention, Total Workforce Management, and Leader Development. He is a retired Army Colonel with extensive experience in the areas of understanding and managing change in force structure, in force development and equipping processes, in understanding the Army as an institution, and in linking strategy to force requirements and capabilities. His recent work has included improving readiness reporting for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, examining the Defense Departments planning processes, and an examination of the mobilization process and how it may influence AC/RC force mix. Linick is also active in the RAND wargaming community – helping to design, test, and lead games in support of a variety of analytic efforts.

Recent Projects

  • Hedgemony: A Game of Strategic Choices
  • A Throughput-Based Analysis of Active Component/Reserve Component Mix
  • The U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Planning Process: Components and Challenges
  • Main Command Post - Operational Detachments (MC-PODs) and Division Headquarters Readiness
  • Developing Responsive Approaches for Increasing Army Operational Capacity