William Marcellino

William Marcellino
Senior Behavioral and Social Scientist; Professor of Text Analytics, Pardee RAND Graduate School


Ph.D. in rhetoric, Carnegie Mellon University

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Bill Marcellino is a senior behavioral scientist at RAND, professor of policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University and Johns Hopkins University. He was trained as a sociolinguist and corpus linguist, and at RAND he develops AI applications, including RAND-Lex, RAND's proprietary text analytics suite. Marcellino teaches text analytics and natural language processing (NLP), as well as qualitative research methods. His research focuses on information as a warfighting function, AI technology application and acquisition for DoD, military resilience, and misinformation/disinformation and conspiracy theories over social media. He also helps lead RAND's AI development in speciality LLMs and LLM-enabled applications. He has also served as a U.S. Marine tank officer and enlisted rifleman. Marcellino received his Ph.D. in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Selected Publications

Marcellino, William, Todd C. Helmus, Joshua Kerrigan, Hilary Reininger, Rouslan I. Karimov, and Rebecca Ann Lawrence, Detecting Conspiracy Theories on Social Media: Improving Machine Learning to Detect and Understand Online Conspiracy Theories, RAND Corporation (RR-A676-1), 2021

William M. Marcellino, "Talk like a Marine: USMC linguistic acculturation and civil-military argument," Discourse Studies, 16(3), 2014

Christopher Paul & William M. Marcellino, Dominating Duffer’s Domain: Lessons for the 21st Century Information Operations Practitioner, RAND Corporation (RR-1166), 2017

William M. Marcellino, "Revisioning Strategic Communication Through Rhetoric & Discourse Analysis," Joint Forces Quarterly, (76), 2016

Kavanagh, Jennifer, William Marcellino, Jonathan S. Blake, Shawn Smith, Steven Davenport, and Mahlet Gizaw, News in a Digital Age: Comparing the Presentation of News Information over Time and Across Media Platforms, RAND Corporation (RR-2960), 2019

Marcellino, William, Meagan L. Smith, Christopher Paul, and Lauren Skrabala, Monitoring Social Media: Lessons for Future Department of Defense Social Media Analysis in Support of Information Operations, RAND Corporation (RR-1742), 2017

Posard, Marek N., William Marcellino, Todd C. Helmus, and Katie Feistel, A House Reunited: Prospects for Bipartisanship in a Divided Country, RAND Corporation (PE-A2285-1), 2023

Johnson, Christian, William Marcellino, Bad Actors in News Reporting: Tracking News Manipulation by State Actors, RAND Corporation (RR-A112-21), 2021

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: BTRtoday; CNHI News Service Online; Fox; WORT FM; The World and Everything in It