Benjamin K. Master

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Policy Researcher
Washington Office


Ph.D. in education policy, Stanford University; BA in economics, Brown University


Benjamin Master is a policy researcher at the RAND Corporation within the economics, sociology, and statistics department. His research has focused on issues of education and workforce development. He has experience leading projects involving both quantitative and qualitative research methods, with expertise in experimental design and analysis, quasi-expeimental techniques to support causal inference, survey methods and analysis, formative evaluations, and case study analyses. He also has experience providing formative and strategic feedback to foundations and other research partners. Master serves as an on-call quality assurance manager within RAND's Education and Labor division. He is also a collaborating researcher at the RAND Lowy Family Middle Class Pathways Center.

Master has published numerous studies addressing the impact, implementation, and costs of large-scale programmatic interventions aimed at human capital development, particularly for educators. He is committed to conducting research that has the potential to improve educational and workforce outcomes and enhance equity at scale. Master earned a Ph.D. in education policy and organization studies at Stanford University.


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    'Grow Your Own' Prep Programs Can Improve Diversity of the Teaching Workforce

    Black and Hispanic educators are much more likely than white educators to say they plan to leave the profession, threatening to exacerbate an already overwhelming lack of diversity. Local, “grow your own” alternative teacher preparation programs can help to strengthen the diversity of the teaching workforce, as well as enable districts to address broader staffing challenges.

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    Lost Learning and the Costs of COVID-19

    President Biden's plan calls for $130 billion to help schools safely reopen and identifies summer school or other supports to help students compensate for lost learning time as permissible uses of this funding. Recent RAND research can shed light on how Congress might consider divvying up these funds to support students over the next year.

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