Robin Meili

Robin Meili

Senior Advisor to RAND Global and Emerging Risks, Senior Management Systems Scientist

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Robin Meili (she/her) is a senior advisor to RAND Global and Emerging Risks; and a senior management systems scientist at the RAND Corporation. Her prior position was the director of International Programs and associate director, International, globalizing RAND's research portfolio, managing RAND's international centers—Asia, Middle East, Global Risk and Security, and Russia and Eurasia, and overseeing RAND's international offices. Her research is both domestic and international, primarily in the Middle East. She participated in the reform of the Qatar health care system and managed an extensive portfolio supporting social and economic development priorities for the Kurdistan Regional Government—Iraq. Her work in health focused on the impact of technology in care delivery and decision support, assessing the organization and financing of health and behavioral health systems, and organ transplantation.

Meili joined RAND in 1999 serving as the director of business development for RAND Health for nine years and the director of product development and licensing for RAND for ten years where she was responsible for facilitating the commercialization of RAND's intellectual property. Prior to RAND, Meili spent 2 years in international banking and 18 years in health care administration, including public-sector health system management and policy development, hospital administration, outpatient disease-specific care, and managed care health insurance. Meili received her M.B.A. in finance from New York University's Stern School of Business.


M.B.A., New York University; B.A. in biology, Colorado College


Spanish; English

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Selected Work

  • Richard Hillestad et al., "Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care? Potential Health Benefits, Savings, and Costs," Health Affairs, 24(5), 2005
  • C. Jason Wang et al., "Functional Characteristics of Commercial Ambulatory Electronic Prescribing Systems: A Field Study," Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2005
  • Bradley D. Stein et al., "Outpatient Mental Health Utilization Among Commercially Insured Individuals: In- and Out-of-Network Care," Medical Care, 45(2), 2007
  • R. Meili et al., "Statewide Health Assessment Planning and Evaluation Study-SHAPE," The Shape Study
  • Robin C. Meili et al., Redesign of the National Hospital Discharge Survey: Conceptual Framework and Feasibility Study Final Report, RAND Corporation (TR-475), 2007
  • Anthony, C. Ross, Louay Constant, Shelly Culbertson, Peter Glick, Krishna B. Kumar, Robin Meili, Melinda Moore, Howard J. Shatz, and Georges Vernez, Making an Impact in the Kurdistan Region — Iraq: Summary of Four Studies to Assess the Present and Future Labor Market, Improve Technical Vocational Education and Training, Reform the Health Sector, and Build Data Collection Capacity, RAND Corporation (RR-873-KRG), 2015

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