Skye Miner

Associate Behavioral/Social Scientist


Skye A. Miner is a sociologist-bioethicist at RAND. She specializes in using empirical methods to gather diverse stakeholder experiences with health care and emerging biotechnologies. Her sociological background has given her expertise to study and evaluate how health disparities and familial contexts influence the experiences of patients, researchers, and clinicians. Miner's training in bioethics provided her with the normative skills to use these experiences to inform ethical guidelines and practices.

Miner is especially interested in using qualitative and quantitative methodologies to identify and study ethical issues in reproductive and pediatric clinical care and research.

She received her Ph.D. from McGill University and did a fellowship in bioethics at the National Institutes of Health. Before coming to RAND, she was an assistant professor and a clinical ethicist (HEC-C certified) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.   


B.A. in sociology, Gonzaga University; M.A. in sociology, Brandeis University; Ph.D. in sociology, McGill University

Selected Work

  • Miner, SA and S. Pereira, "The Need for Diverse Empirical Data to Inform the Use of Polygenic Risk Scores in Prenatal Screening," American Journal of Bioethics, 23(3), 2023
  • Miner SA, Similuk M., Jamal L., Sapp J., Berkman BE., "Genomic tools for health: Secondary findings as findings to be shared," Genetics and Medicine, 24(11), 2022
  • Miner, SA, WK Miller, C. Grandy, BE Berkman, "It's just another added benefit: Women's experiences with employment-based egg freezing programs," American Journal of Empirical Bioethics, 12(11), 2021
  • Turriff A, SA Miner, CM Annunziata, DW Bianchi, "Patients' perspectives on prenatal screening results that suggest maternal cancer: a qualitative analysis," Prenatal Diagnosis, 43(9), 2023
  • Schupmann W, SA Miner, HK Sullivan, JR Glover, JE Hall, SH Schurman, BE Berkman, "Exploring the motivations of research participants who chose not to learn medically actionable secondary genetic findings about themselves," Genetics and Medicine, 23(12), 2021
  • Miner, SA, "Demarcating the dirty work: Canadian fertility professionals' use of boundary-work in contentious egg donation," Social Science and Medicine, 221, 2019
  • Miner, SA, "Cultural health capital and the stratification of reproduction in Czech and Spanish egg donation markets," Sociology of Health and Illness, 43(8), 2021
  • Miner, SA, "I would want to pay her: Challenging alturistic egg exchanges in Canada through moral patchworks," Social Science and Medicine, 272, 2021

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