Immaculate Dadiso Motsi-Omoijiade

Immaculate Dadiso Motsi-Omoijiade
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in law, University of Warwick; L.L.M. in corporate governance and financial regulation, University of Warwick; M.P.P. in economic policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore; B.A. (Honors) in international relations, University of Pretoria


Dadiso Motsi-Omoijiade (she/her) is an analyst working in the area of science and emerging technology at RAND Europe. Her research areas include blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, regulatory technology, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI), and other data-driven technologies, with a focus on technical, legal, regulatory and governance considerations, as well as on the deployment of these technologies across multiple industries and commercial usecases. 

Prior to joining RAND, Motsi-Omoijiade was a research fellow in emerging technology at the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business, University of Birmingham Business School. Before joining the business school, she was a post-doctoral researcher at the School of Law, University of Birmingham, investigating the use of blockchain in the healthcare sector. Prior to this, she worked as a research intern at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Centre for Alternative Finance.

In addition to her research activities, Motsi-Omoijiade is a member of the British Standards Institute's Technical Committee on Blockchain Standards, where she is part of a select group of experts on the joint China/UK e-commerce working group. Her other affiliations include the University College London (UCL) Centre for Blockchain Technology, as a research associate, and the Warwick Business School AI Innovation Network (AIIN), as research affiliate. She is part of the UK Cabinet Office’s Open Innovation Team Community of Interest on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies and, in 2020, was invited to contribute to the African Union High Level Panel on Emerging Technology’s reports on blockchain and AI.

Recent Projects

  • Labelling initiatives, codes of conduct and other self-regulatory mechanisms for artificial intelligence applications

Selected Publications

Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade, The Regulation of Cryptocurrencies: A Reflexive Law Approach, Routledge, 2022

Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade and Alex Kharlamov "Blockchain for Healthcare Applications and Usecases," in Pollicino O and De Gregorio G (eds.), Blockchain and Public Law: Global Challenges in the Era of Decentralisation, Edward Elgar, 2021

Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade "Financial Intermediation in Cryptocurrency Markets – Regulation, Gaps and Bridges," in David Lee (ed.), Digital bank and internet finance: Alternative finance, financial inclusion, impact investing and decentralized consensus ledger, Elsevier , 2017

Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade, "Cryptocurrency Opportunities ," Oxford Analytica Policy Brief, 2018

Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade, "Between Scylla and Charybdis: Lessons from a comparative analysis of the regulation of Bitcoin in the US and UK," Financial Regulation International, 19(1), 2016

Immaculate Motsi, "Accountability and The Second Line of Defence: A Guide to Practical Policy-ing For Ethical Global Credit Rating," Finance & Bien Commun, 39, 2011

d'Angelo, Camilla, Isabel Flanagan, Immaculate Dadiso Motsi-Omoijiade, Mann Virdee, and Salil Gunashekar, Labelling initiatives, codes of conduct and other self-regulatory mechanisms for artificial intelligence applications: From principles to practice and considerations for the future, RAND Corporation (RR-A1773-1), 2022

Flanagan, Isabel, Camilla d'Angelo, Immaculate Dadiso Motsi-Omoijiade, Mann Virdee, and Salil Gunashekar, Virtual roundtable on labelling initiatives, codes of conduct and other voluntary mechanisms to build trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) systems: Summary report, RAND Corporation (CF-A1773-1), 2022

Honors & Awards

  • Honorable Mention, UK Doctoral Research Awards (2020)
  • Finalist, Robin Cosgrove Prize on Ethics in Finance, Switzerland (2010)
  • Winner, World Federation of United Nations Association’s global essay competition in honor of Dr Hans Blix, Argentina (2006)


French; Shona