Luke Muggy

Luke Muggy

Operations Researcher

Luke Muggy is an operations researcher with a wide breadth of skills and experiences. Muggy has a Ph.D. in industrial engineering focusing on humanitarian logistics systems. Muggy has led and contributed to multiple studies for FEMA to improve the efficiency of grant award processes and preserve the environment. He has led three projects with FEMA's Office of Environmental & Historic Preservation to improve FEMA's processes for ensuring grants comply with environmental law. He also became a Professional Cost Estimation Analyst (PCEA) and worked full-time in Puerto Rico analyzing FEMA's cost estimates for reconstruction projects. This work ensures that the Puerto Rico government may rebuild effectively and in a manner that is fair to U.S. tax payers.
For the Dept. of Defense, Muggy has built simulation models of Army logistics systems to help compute the time required to issue and move equipment and identify bottlenecks. He has also helped the Kenyan Defense Forces improve inventory and supply chain management. For the Air Force, Muggy modeled and optimized the flow of crewman between career fields in order to assist manpower experts to forecast personnel shortages. Finally, Muggy has assisted the Marine Corps. through a simulation that forecasts the demand and cost of replacing ballistic glass in their fleet of vehicles. 


Ph.D. in industrial engineering, Kansas State University; Masters in operations research, Kansas State University; B.S. in mathematics, University of Nebraska

Selected Work

  • Cohen, Nekoul, Evans, Gulrez, Muggy, "How Networks of Medicare Beneficiary Inpatient Transfers Affect The Odds of Hospital-wide Clostridioides difficile Clusters," Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, , 2020 (forthcoming)
  • Cohen, Gulrez, Muggy, "When Is An Outbreak An Outbreak? Using Literature And Discharge Data To Define C. difficile Infection Outbreaks," Journal of Hospital Infection, 2020 (forthcoming)
  • Luke Muggy, Jessica Heier Stamm, "Decentralized Beneficiary Behavior in Humanitarian Supply Chains: Models, Performance Bounds, and Coordination Mechanisms," Annals of Operations Research, 284, 2020
  • Luke Muggy, Jessica Heier Stamm, "Dynamic, Robust Models to Quantify the Impact of Decentralization in Post-Disaster Health Care Facility Location Decisions," Annals of Operations Research , 284(1), 2017
  • Luke Muggy, Jessica Heier Stamm, "Game Theory Applications in Humanitarian Operations: A Review," Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 4(1), 2014
  • Luke Muggy, Todd Easton, "Generating Class Schedules within a Complex Modular Environment with Application to Secondary Schools," Journal of Scheduling, 18(4), 2015
  • Muggy, L., Eloundou Nekoul, T., Griswold, M., McKenna, Smart, R., Hunt, P., "Accounting for Socio- economic Context in Quantifying the Attractive and Repellent Influence of Built Environment on Firearms Violence in Multiple Cities," Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 2022

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