Aisha Najera Chesler

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Ph.D. in mathematics, Claremont Graduate University


Aisha Najera Chesler is an Associate Mathematician at the RAND Corporation. Najera Chesler has a broad experience with mathematical models and simulations. At RAND, she has been doing analysis of Army's logistics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data. She has develop recommendations to improve Army's Shop Stock Listing and algorithms to automatically detect and diagnose Supply Support Activities performance drops. 

She has worked on various business intelligence and data science projects designing metrics and algorithms that provide analytic support and a better insight into operations, decision-making and risk management. For her dissertation work, she developed a model of the brain activity and heart activity of fetal sheep during labor. Other work includes a Cellular Automaton model of matrix tablets to help with the design of controlled drug release, and modeling and analysis of alternatives for the expansion of SCE electrical infrastructure to include renewable sources. Prior to starting her doctorate, Najera Chesler worked as a consultant for IBM Global Business Services supporting ERP implementations and strategic business opportunities for some of IBM's largest global clients. Her research interests include military logistics, cyber security, and health policy topics.

Honors & Awards

  • RAND Spotlight award




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