Joseph D. Pane

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Statistical Analyst
Pittsburgh Office


M.S.P. in statistical practice, Carnegie Mellon University; B.S. in statistics, Carnegie Mellon University


Joseph D. Pane is a statistical analyst at the RAND Corporation. Pane has interest in a broad range of topics in health, education, and statistical methodology. Pane currently works on projects pertaining to: the development of new tools for causal modeling of observational data through the estimation and evalulation of propensity score weights; providing policy researchers the technical expertise needed to use current methods related to the interpretation and explainability of machine learning models; the impact the ACA has on physicians' location choice for their first practice; regulations surrounding flavored tobacco products; and the evaluation of personalized learning and school expansion.

Pane has experience working with mixture models with and without mixed data type, propensity score methods, experimental and quasi-experimental methods, hierarchical models, complex survey designs, among other methods. He is advanced in R and is experienced in Python, Stata, SAS, and SQL. Pane received his M.S.P. in statistical practice and his B.S. in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Selected Publications

Huckfeldt, Peter J.; Escarce, José J.; Pane, Joseph D.; Popescu, Ioana, "A Decomposition Method to Assess the Contributions of Geographic and Nongeographic Factors to White-Black Disparities in Health Care," Medical Care, 2019

Popescu, Ioana; Huckfeldt, Peter; Pane, Joseph D.; Escarce, José J., "Contributions of Geography and Nongeographic Factors to the White‐Black Gap in Hospital Quality for Coronary Heart Disease: A Decomposition Analysis," Journal of the American Heart Association, 8(23), 2019

Kephart, Lindsay; Setodji, Claude; Pane, Joseph; Shadel, William; Song, Glory; Robertson, Jennifer; Harding, Nikysha; Henley, Patricia; Ursprung Sanouri, W. W., "Evaluating tobacco retailer experience and compliance with a flavoured tobacco product restriction in Boston, Massachusetts: impact on product availability, advertisement and consumer demand," Tobacco Control, 2019

Kingsley, Melody; Setodji, Claude M.; Pane, Joseph D.; Shadel, William G.; Song, Glory; Robertson , Jennifer; Kephart, Lindsay; Henley, Patricia; Ursprung, W. W. Sanouri, "Short-Term Impact of a Flavored Tobacco Restriction: Changes in Youth Tobacco Use in a Massachusetts Community," American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 57(6), 2019

Honors & Awards

  • RAND Spotlight Award