Bhanu Patruni

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Senior Analyst
Cambridge Office


M.Tech. in transportation systems engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

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Bhanu Patruni is a senior analyst at RAND Europe. He has substantial experience in the estimation and application of discrete choice models to quantify drivers of travel behaviour and also to obtain future predictions in urban, regional and national contexts. He also has considerable experience in developing complex discrete choice models, including those with distributed parameters and latent variables, and models from stated preference data. His other areas of expertise include applied statistics and data analytics. Patruni holds an M.Tech. in transportation systems engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Recent Projects

  • National Transport Model for UK
  • Forecasting rail demand in UK
  • LTS model for London
  • Transport model for South East Wales
  • Updating UK National Car Ownership Model

Selected Publications

Bhanu Patruni, Charlene Rohr, Andrew Daly, Mark Wardman, William Hawkes, "The influence of exogenous factors on train demand in the UK," Transportation Research Procedia , 31, 2018

Sunil Patil, Bhanu Patruni, Dimitris Potoglou, Neil Robinson, "Public preference for data privacy – A pan-European study on metro/train surveillance," Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 92, 2016

Bhanu Patruni and Ellen Nolte, "A Projection of the Healthcare and Economic Burden in the UK," RAND Health Quarterly, 3(1), 2013

Rohr, C., J. Fox, A. Daly, B. Patruni, S. Patil, F, Tsang,, "Modelling Long-Distance Travel in Great Britain," Transportation Reasearch Record, 2344, 2013

Rohr, C., A. Daly, J. Fox, B. Patruni, T. van Vuren and G. Hyman, "Manchester Motorway Box: Post-Survey Research of Induced Traffic Effects," The Planning Review, 8(3), 2012

Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess, Bhanu Patruni, Dimitris Potoglou and Charlene Rohr, "Using ordered attitudinal indicators in a latent variable choice model: a study of the impact of security on rail travel behaviour," Transportation, 39(2), 2012

Fox, J., A. Daly, B. Patruni, "Improving the treatment of cost in large scale models," European Transport Conference Noordwijkerhout, 2009