Natalie Picken

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Research Assistant
Cambridge Office


M.Phil. in early modern history, University of Cambridge; B.A. in history, University of Cambridge


Natalie Picken is a research assistant at RAND Europe, working in the area of home affairs and social policy. She has research interests and experience in research projects spanning employment, criminal justice systems, child and family policy, education and. Currently she coordinates tasks within the European Platform for Investing in Children (an online platform monitoring child and family policy across the European Union), has authored a memo on the leave arrangements for non-traditional families, and currently manages the process evaluation of the use of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) to support people with drug and alcohol dependencies access employment.

She has an M.Phil. in early modern history and a B.A. in history, both from the University of Cambridge, and her previous research focused on the role of music in sixteenth-century religious change. Prior to RAND, Picken worked in the advisory team of a charity giving advice to groups setting up new state schools.

Recent Projects

  • Process evaluation of the Individualised Placement and Support in drug and alcohol services RCT (IPS-AD)
  • European Platform for Investing in Children
  • Evaluation of IPS Grow
  • Evaluation of Routes 2 Change pilot
  • Process evaluation of AssetPlus

Selected Publications

Natalie Picken, Kerry Baker, Camilla d'Angelo, Clement Fays, Alex Sutherland, Process Evaluation of AssetPlus, (RR-3177-YJB), 2019

Natalie Picken, Barbara Janta, Leave Policies and Practice for Non-Traditional Families, , 2019