Natalie Picken

Natalie Picken
Senior Analyst
Cambridge Office


M.Phil. in early modern history, University of Cambridge; B.A. in history, University of Cambridge

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Natalie Picken (she/her) is a senior analyst at RAND Europe, working in the area of home affairs and social policy. She has research interests and experience in research projects spanning employment, criminal justice systems, child and family policy, and education. Methodologically, Picken has experience in programme and progress evaluation, qualitative data collection and analysis, conducting interviews (including with vulnerable populations), and developing theories of change.

She has an M.Phil. in early modern history and a B.A. in history, both from the University of Cambridge. 

Recent Projects

  • Process evaluation of the Individualised Placement and Support in drug and alcohol services RCT (IPS-AD)
  • European Platform for Investing in Children
  • Evaluation of the Alternative Provision Specialist Taskforce (APST)
  • Role of infrastructure organisations in the youth employment space
  • Study into the work and health research landscape

Selected Publications

Picken, N., Janta, B., Leave Policies and Practice for Non-Traditional Families, European Commission, 2019

Hofman, J., Guthrie, S., de Silva, A., Flemons, L., Gilder, L., Phillips, W.D., Picken, N., Virdee, M. , Understanding the work and health research landscape, European Commission, 2021

Deshpande, A., Picken, N., Kunertova, L., de Silva, A., Lanfredi, G., Hofman, J., Improving Working Conditions Using Artificial Intelligence, European Commission, 2021

Picken, N., Feyerabend, K., Kunertova, L., Galimberti, S., Brown, E.R. , Juggling Work and Childcare During COVID-19: How EU Member States Supported Working Families in 2020, DG EMPL, 2021

Bruckmayer, M., Picken, N., Flemons L., Provision of School Meals Across the EU: An Overview of Rationales, Evidence, Facilitators and Barriers, European Commission, 2021

Picken, N., Hofman, J., Gilder, L., Gloinson, E.R., Ling, T., Evaluation of IPS Grow Final report, European Commission, 2021

Picken, N. , Sexuality Education Across the European Union, European Commission, 2021