Maya Rabinowitz

Photo of Maya Rabinowitz
Research Assistant
Boston Office


B.A. in psychology, Princeton University


Maya Rabinowitz (she/her) is a research assistant at the RAND Corporation. Prior to RAND, she worked as a research assistant in the Princeton Social Neuroscience Lab, where she spearheaded independent research on conversation and communication dynamics, and organized and ran the human subject study sessions that were required for the project. During her time in this lab, she also designed and implemented a correlational study for her senior thesis, on the relationship between fictional narrative exposure and racial prejudice reduction. She has worked as a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania in the Communication Neuroscience Lab, where she analyzed data on racial bias across professional fields and helped develop survey measures for research on group health behaviors. Additionally, she contributed to research on the impacts of poverty on brain development in the Center for Neuroscience and Society. Outside of psychology labs, she has also worked with the Twin Cities Innovation Alliance, spearheading the plan and implementation of qualitative analyses of equity practices in over 30 elementary school funding policy proposals.

Rabinowitz graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in psychology and minors in creative writing and Spanish.