Adam C. Resnick

Adam C. Resnick
Senior Operations Researcher; Professor of Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in industrial engineering, University of Wisconsin; M.S. in industrial engineering, University of Wisconsin; B.A. in mathematics, University of Pennsylvania


Adam C. Resnick is a senior operations researcher at RAND and a professor of policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. His research applies quantitative analysis to policy issues in resource management, defense strategy and planning, health care access and satisfaction, supply chain management and logistics, military force structure and capability development, military investment in science and technology, and major disaster response. Resnick has led research for recent projects studying the supply of synthetic opioids entering the U.S., and effects from COVID-19 on U.S. supply chains. Resnick's publications include: Recovery in the U.S. Virgin Islands: Progress, Challenges, and Options for the FutureLogistics analysis of Puerto Rico [hurricane recovery]; Optimizing Army medical materiel strategy; How Deployments Affect the Capacity and Utilization of Army Treatment Facilities; and Developing Navy Capability to Recover Forces in Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazard Environments. Resnick also teaches management science at Carnegie Mellon University, and has previously taught at the University of California – Los Angeles, Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea), and the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Resnick earned his Ph.D. and M.S. from the Industrial Engineering department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and holds a B.A. from the Mathematics department at the University of Pennsylvania.

Recent Projects

  • Combatting the Supply of Synthetic Opioids
  • National Critical Functions COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  • Army Medical Logistics Resourcing and Planning
  • United States Virgin Islands Hurricane Recovery Planning
  • Puerto Rico Economic & Disaster Recovery Plan: Integration & Analytic Support


  • Vaccination

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