Dan Romano

Photo of Dan Romano
Senior Technical Analyst
Washington Office


M.B.A in business administration, George Mason University; M.S. in logistics management, Air Force Institute of Technology


Dan Romano is a senior technical analyst at the RAND Corporation. He joined RAND in October 2010, bringing with him 30 years of active duty service in the Air Force. Romano has considerable experience in military logistics development and management; operational test and evaluation; and aircraft maintenance. At RAND Romano has co-led projects evaluating the vulnerability and logistics requirements of U.S. and allied forces in contested environments. This work has helped decisionmakers understand the tradespace within the portfolio of resources and concepts required to mitigate the vulnerability and survive and operate in these environments. He also conducted research that examined the integrated air and missile defenses capability against future threats. In other analyses, Romano developed an idea and construct of consolidating maintenance career fields as an enterprise wide operations and support efficiency, which was selected by the sponsor for in-depth research. His research showed this construct was more efficient than the existing constructs, if upfront training requirements could be met. He also analyzed the impact on Air Force aircraft maintainer retention rates in the event of an increase in hiring by the commercial airlines. His findings indicated an increase in hiring would not negatively impact maintainer retention and collaborative efforts between the Air Force and airlines were not required. Romano taught undergraduate management courses in logistics, transportation, air cargo, aviation maintenance, and acquisition life cycle at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Romano has an MBA from George Mason University and MS in Logistics Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology.