Carol P. Roth

Photo of Carol Roth
Senior Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


B.S.N. in nursing, Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles; M.P.H. in public health, University of California, Los Angeles


Carol P. Roth is a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. She has extensive experience in quality of care evaluation, practice improvement implementations, and project management. She has expertise in the development and implementation of quality of care indicators and related physician- and nurse practitioner-based interventions to improve office- and community-based primary care. Recent projects include assessing care for PTSD and depression in the military health system and appropriateness of chiropractic care for chronic low back and neck pain. Other projects involved developing quality measures for Medicare Managed Care and Special Needs Plans, care for pediatric inpatient respiratory conditions, and coordination of care for children with complex health care needs. She worked with the Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders projects (ACOVE, ACOVE-2, ACOVE-3, ACOVEprime). Roth has developed multiple medical record abstraction systems for appropriateness and quality of care studies, training materials, and training programs for abstractors. She has provided consultation to the UCLA Clinical Scholars Program, Departments of Medicine and Geriatrics, and the Veterans Administration in quality assessment applications and data collection. 

Roth received her M.P.H. in public health from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Recent Projects

  • Fidelity of care for PTSD and depression in the military health system to clinical practice guidelines
  • Quality measure development for children with complex needs
  • Developing quality measures to assess pediatric inpatient respiratory care
  • Evaluation and development of outcome measures for quality assessment in MA and SNPs
  • Improving internists' management of geriatric conditions through practice redesign

Selected Publications

Wenger NS, Roth CP, Hall W, et al., "A primary care practice redesign intervention to improve quality of care for urinary incontinence and high risk of falls among older patients: A controlled trial," Archives of Internal Medicine

Reuben DB, Roth CP, Frank J, et al., "ACOVE-AD: A pilot study of a practice redesign intervention to improve the quality of dementia care," Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Roth CP, Ganz DA, Nickels L, et al., "Nurse care manager contribution to quality of care in a dual-eligible special needs plan," Journal of Gerontological Nursing (forthcoming)

Roth CP, Lim YW, Pevnick JM, et al., "The challenge of measuring quality of care from an electronic health record," American Journal of Medical Quality