Nathan Ryan

Nathan Ryan
Associate Analyst
Cambridge Office


M.A. in advanced national security policy, Australian National University; B.A.S. in arts and sciences, University of Sydney


Nathan Ryan is an associate analyst at RAND Europe focusing on cybersecurity and national security issues. He has a master's degree in advanced national security policy from ANU and a bachelor of arts and science from the University of Sydney.

Prior to joining RAND Europe, he worked in the RAND Australia office and focused on interagency participation in joint military exercises. At the same time, he was a research assistant and tutored at the National Security College, ANU, where he was part of the international and interdisciplinary 'Strategy and Statecraft in Cyberspace' research team.


  • Autonomous vehicles on a highway

    Ensuring Cybersecurity Is Vital for a Driverless Future

    High-profile accidents involving autonomous vehicles (AVs) have led to recent discussions about the physical safety of people. However, it could be argued that consumers and manufacturers should be equally, if not more, concerned about the potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities in AVs.

    Feb 12, 2018 Public Technology