Ricardo Sanchez

Photo of Ricardo Sanchez
Codirector, Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis; Research Software Engineer
New Orleans Office


M.S. in industrial engineering, University of Pittsburgh; M.S. in electrical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; B.S. in electrical engineering, Rice University


Ricardo Sanchez is a research software engineer in the Research Programming Group, with over 12 years of experience at RAND developing analytic solutions to policy questions for a diverse array of domains and clients. He is also codirector of the RAND Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis.

His experience includes work on defense logistics, personnel management, transportation, education, criminal justice, and health. Sanchez has degrees in electrical engineering and operations research.

Recent Projects

  • Independent Cost Validation of FEMA's Public Assistance Projects in Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Economic and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Modeling and Analysis to support Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan
  • Evaluating Combat Operations in Denied Environments and Medical Operations in Denied Environments
  • Analysis of Army Satellite Communications Bandwidth


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