Shoshana R. Shelton

Shoshana R. Shelton

Policy Researcher; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

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Shoshana R. Shelton is a policy researcher at RAND. Her research focuses on program evaluation, performance measure development, public health systems, pandemic preparedness and response, violence prevention, infectious disease control and mitigation, and national health security. She engages with a wide range of federal agencies and project sponsors to help them improve and strengthen their programs through evaluation. Highlights of her work include leading an after action review of the public health laboratory response to COVID-19, leading a project analyzing mass attacks and targeted violence for the U.S. Secret Service, working closely with the CDC to develop performance measures for state and local public health preparedness, and conducting a portfolio analysis of federally funded research on national health security.

Before joining RAND in 2007, Shelton was a program manager at the Office of Public Health Practice at The Ohio State University, where she conducted training for the public health workforce. Shelton holds an M.P.H. from The Ohio State University and a B.A. in English from Denison University.


M.P.H., The Ohio State University; B.A. in English, Denison University

Selected Work

  • Steratore, Rachel, Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, Shoshana R. Shelton, Nipher Malika, Kristin J. Leuschner, and Tucker Reese, Community and Individual Disaster Resilience for Floods: Options for Improving Protective Action Guidance, RAND Corporation (RR-A1770-1), 2023
  • Shelton, S., Wicker, A. and Olmsted, S., Continuity of Operations Plan Improvement Tool for Public Health Laboratories, Association of Public Health Laboratories, 2020
  • Willis, Henry H., Mary Tighe, Andrew Lauland, Liisa Ecola, Shoshana R. Shelton, Meagan L. Smith, John G. Rivers, Kristin J. Leuschner, Terry Marsh, and Daniel M. Gerstein, Homeland Security National Risk Characterization: Risk Assessment Methodology, RAND Corporation (RR-2140-DHS), 2018
  • Shelton, S., Nelson, C., McLees, A., Mumford, K., Thomas, C., "Building Performance-Based Accountability With A Limited Empirical Evidence Base: Performance Measure Development for Public Health Preparedness," Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 7(4), 2013
  • Shelton, S., Connor, K., Uscher-Pines, L., Pillemer, F., Mullikin, J., Kellermann, A., "Bioterrorism and Biological Threats Dominate Federal Health Security Research: Other Priorities Get Scant Attention," Health Affairs, 31(12), 2012
  • Nelson, C., Willis, H., Chan, E., Shelton, S., & Parker, A., "Can the Federal Government Improve Community Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies? Lessons from the Cities Readiness Initiative," Health Affairs, 29(12), 2010
  • Greenfield, Victoria A., Shoshana R. Shelton, Edward Balkovich, John S. Davis II, and David M. Adamson, The Federal Voting Assistance Program and the Road Ahead: Achieving Institutional Change Through Analysis and Collaboration, RAND Corporation (RR-882-OSD), 2015
  • Moore, Melinda, Shoshana R. Shelton, Updated Guidelines for the Control of Legionella in Western Pennsylvania, Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (EP-66197), 2014

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