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Senior Analyst
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in psychology, University of Cambridge; M.Phil. in social and developmental psychology, University of Cambridge; B.A. in psychology and theatre, University of Southern California

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Megan Sim is a senior analyst at RAND Europe working on topics related to education, criminal justice, and health and social care policies. Her current research includes two randomised controlled trials of education interventions aimed at improving primary school pupils' literacy and maths skills respectively. She is a member of the international consortium that has been selected to implement the OECD TALIS Starting Strong Survey, and as part of this project is working on the development of the conceptual framework and survey instruments. She is also involved in an evaluation of social impact bonds (SIBs), a new mechanism for funding interventions that seek to address complex social issues such as health, social care and reoffending. 

Sim's previous research includes examining police interviewing techniques used with young suspects, comparing credibility assessment techniques in child sexual abuse cases and evaluating interviewing methods used with maltreated and non-maltreated children. Her previous work also involved conducting forensic interviews with maltreated children in the Los Angeles Edelman Children's Court.

She received a Ph.D. in psychology and an M.Phil. in social and development psychology from the University of Cambridge, and B.A. degrees in psychology and theatre from the University of Southern California.

Selected Publications

Sim, M.P.Y. & Lamb, M.E., "An analysis of how the police 'caution' is delivered to juvenile suspects," Psychology, Crime, & Law, 0, 0 (forthcoming)

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Lyon, T., Wandrey, L., Ahern, E., Licht, R., Sim, M.P.Y., & Quas, J., "Eliciting maltreated and non maltreated children's transgression disclosures: Narrative practice rapport building and a putative confession," Child Development, 85, 2014

Sim, M.P.Y. & Lamb, M.E., "Children’s disclosure of child sexual abuse: How motivational factors affect linguistic categories related to deception detection," Psychology, Crime, & Law, 19, 2013

Lamb, M.E. & Sim, M.P.Y., "Developmental factors affecting children in legal contexts," Youth Justice: An International Journal, 13, 2013

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Disley, E., Giacomantonio, C., Kruithof, K., & Sim, M., The payment by results Social Impact Bond pilot at HMP Peterborough: final process evaluation report, Ministry of Justice Analytical Series (RR-1212), 2015