Erik D. Storholm

Erik D. Storholm
Adjunct Behavioral Scientist
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Ph.D., New York University; Clinical Internship, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center; Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center


Erik D. Storholm is an adjunct behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation. He is also an associate professor in the School of Public Health at San Diego State University, a combination prevention core scientist at UCLA's Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS); and a licensed clinical psychologist. He recently completed a study assessing changes in risk perception and behavior, substance use, and medication adherence among young sexual minority men prescribed pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infection. Storholm's research program focuses on reducing health inequities for sexual and gender minorities. He is specifically interested in multilevel interventions that focus on improving mental health, reducing substance use and violence exposure, and preventing HIV/STI transmission. Currently, Storholm is leading several NIH- and CHRP-funded projects in the area of biobehavioral HIV prevention uptake and adherence. During his doctoral studies, he was a fellow in the NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Science pre-doctoral training program at the NYU Langone School of Medicine. He then completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in the NIDA-funded Substance Abuse Treatment Services and Research program in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center before joining RAND. Storholm received his Ph.D. from New York University and completed his clinical training in the Departments of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital System in New York City.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Associate Professor at San Diego State University

Recent Projects

  • Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Prevention among Sexual Minority Men
  • Strategies for Implementing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis PrEP Services in a Transgender Community Center
  • Investigating the Impact of Substance Use, Intimate Partner Violence, and COVID-19 on HIV Care Engagement among Young Black Sexual Minority Men with HIV in the US South
  • Risk and Protective Factors for Adherence to PrEP among Trans Women of Color
  • Developing a PrEP Screening Instrument for Identification/Referral of High-Risk MSM in Primary Care

Selected Publications

Storholm, E. D., Siconolfi, D. E., Huang, W., Towner, W. J., Ling Grant, D., Martos, A. J., Chang, J. M., & Hechter, R. C., "Project SLIP: Implementation of a PrEP screening and linkage intervention in primary care," AIDS and Behavior

Storholm, ED, Volk, JE, Marcus, JL, Silverberg, MJ, & Satre, DD., "Risk perception, sexual behaviors, and PrEP adherence among substance-using men who have sex with men: A qualitative study.," Prevention Science.

Storholm, E. D., Ober, A. J., Hunter, S. B., Becker, K., & Watkins, K. E. , "Barriers to integrating the continuum of care for opioid and alcohol use disorders in primary care: A qualitative longitudinal study," Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2017

Storholm, E. D., Bogart, L. M., Mutchler, M. G., Klein, D. J., Ghosh-Dastidar, B., McDavitt, B., & Wagner, G. J., "Antiretroviral adherence trajectories among African Americans living with HIV. AIDS and Behavior.," AIDS and Behavior, 2018

Storholm, E. D., Huang, W., Siconolfi, D. E., Pollack, L. M., Carrico, A. W., Vincent, W., Huebner, D. M., Wagner, G. J. & Kegeles, S. M., "Sources of resiliency as mediators of minority stress, stimulant use, and sexual risk behavior among young Black men who have sex with men.," AIDS and Behavior, 2019

Storholm ED, Halkitis PN, Siconolfi DE, Moeller RW., "Cigarette smoking as part of a syndemic among young men who have sex with men ages 13-29 in New York City," Journal of Urban Health

Storholm ED, Halkitis PN, Kupprat SA, Hampton MC, Palamar JJ, Brennan M, Karpiak S., "HIV-related stigma as a mediator of the relation between multiple-minority status and mental health burden among the aging HIV-positive population," Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services

Storholm ED, Siconolfi DE, Halkitis PN, Moeller RW, Eddy JA, Bare MG., "Sociodemographic Factors Contribute to Mental Health Disparities and Access to Services Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men in New York City," Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health

Honors & Awards

  • Loan Repayment Program Award for Health Disparities Research, NIMHD
  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Services Research Post-Doctoral Fellowship, NIDA
  • Clinical and Translational Science Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, NIH