Margaret Tankard

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Associate Behavioral and Social Scientist
Off Site Office


Ph.D. in psychology, Princeton University; B.A. in psychology, Stanford University


Margaret Tankard is an associate behavioral and social scientist at the RAND Corporation. She studies social norms and their relation to problematic behaviors such as interpersonal violence, with specialization in issues related to gender and family dynamics. She addresses these issues across domains such as health, intergroup relations, and household decision-making. In research in the U.S. and Latin America, she has used a range of experimental and descriptive methods, program evaluation strategies, and quantitative and qualitative analyses. Tankard completed her Ph.D. in social psychology at Princeton and her B.A. in psychology at Stanford.

Selected Publications

Tankard, M., & Paluck, E. L., "The Effect of a Supreme Court Decision Regarding Gay Marriage on Social Norms and Personal Attitudes," Psychological Science, 0, 2017

Tankard, M., & Paluck, E. L., "Norm Perception as a Vehicle for Social Change," Social Issues and Policy Review, 10(1), 2016