Harriet Teare

Research Leader
Cambridge Office


D.Phil. in chemistry, University of Oxford; M.Chem. in chemistry, University of Oxford; Diploma in social sciences, University of London


Harriet Teare is a research leader working in the area of innovation, health, and science. She is interested in how emerging technologies influence healthcare delivery and the role of different stakeholders. Her multidisciplinary training—spanning lab-based research, science policy, and empirical (ethical, legal, and governance-focused) research—contributes a valuable perspective to help shape the future of healthcare.

In her previous role as the deputy director for the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford, Teare developed a programme of research in healthcare and policy to tackle crucial questions relating to access to medicines, the changing roles and responsibilities of patients in research and clinical care, and the implications of digital health. She explored a variety of research questions, drawing on different stakeholder perspectives to shape and inform her conclusions. She contributed to a programme of work addressing global access to medicines and provided research governance and ethical support to large scale European consortia. She also worked alongside specific patient groups such as the Rudy Study, a research network for rare diseases of the blood, bone and joints. She considered the application of technologies in the Genetics Clinic of the Future project, a Horizon 2020 project mapping the complex challenges for genome sequencing in the clinic.

Teare obtained a D.Phil. in organic and medicinal chemistry from University of Oxford and previously worked as a senior policy advisor at Cancer Research UK, focusing on policy issues relating to science, research, and public health.

Previous Positions

Deputy Director, Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies, University of Oxford