Tara L. Terry

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Senior Operations Researcher
Washington Office


Ph.D. in industrial and operations engineering, University of Michigan; M.S.E in industrial and operations engineering, University of Michigan; B.S. in mathematics, Oakland Univeristy; B.S.E in computer engineering, Oakland Univeristy; B.S.E in electrical engineering, Oakland Univeristy


Tara Terry is a senior operations researcher at RAND working primarily in PAF's Manpower, Personnel, and Training Program. Terry has twelve years of operations research experience with a focus on data analysis, mathematical modeling, and optimization. Terry recently completed direct support for the Air Force Aircrew Crisis Task Force where she provided analytical support for building a pilot recovery plan for Secretary Wilson using RAND's inventory projection model, showing the impacts of retention, production, and requirements validation on the health of the pilot community.  This work is a continuation of six plus years of analytical support for the Total Force Aircrew Management (AF/A3TF) division.  In the past, Terry completed a two-year role as RAND liaison for the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff Manpower, Personnel, and Services (AF/A1) where she helped to integrate more RAND research and researchers into the day-to-day decision-making within AF/A1. Terry's past research includes a historical analysis of Air Force institutional requirements, a sustainment model for AF/A1 to use in allocating advanced academic degree quotas at the Air Force Education Requirements Board, analyzing the line officer non-rated classification model based on academic degree requirements, and determining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics needs across the Air Force. Her education includes a Ph.D. and Master of Science in Engineering in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan as well as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oakland University, Rochester, MI.

Recent Projects

  • Aircrew Crisis Task Force (ACTF) Analytic Support
  • Total Force Aircrew Management (TFAM) Analytic Support
  • Building a Healthy and Sustainable RPA career field
  • Air Force Officer Management Flexibilities: Modeling Potential Policies
  • Institutional Requirements: Impact on Manning across the Air Force

Selected Publications

Tara L. Terry, Jeremy M. Eckhause, Michael McGee, James H. Bigelow, Paul Emslie, Projecting Air Force Rated Officer Inventory Across the Total Force: Total Force Blue Line Model for Rated Officer Management, RAND Corporation (RR-2796-AF), 2019

David Schulker, Tara L. Terry, Evaluating the Impact of a Total Force Service Commitment Policy on Air Force Pilot Manning: An Exploratory Application of Inventory Modeling, RAND Corporation (RR-2400-AF), 2018

Albert A. Robbert, Michael G. Mattock, Beth J. Asch, John S. Crown, James Hosek, Tara L. Terry, Supplemental Career Paths for Air Force Pilots: A Warrant Officer Component or an Aviation Technical Track?RAND Corporation (RR-2617-AF), 2018

Tara L. Terry, Chaitra M. Hardison, David Schulker, Alexander C. Hou, Leslie Adrienne Payne, Building a Healthy MQ-1/9 RPA Pilot Community: Designing a Career Field Planning Tool, RAND Corporation (RR-2018-AF), 2018

Albert A. Robbert, Tara L. Terry, Alexander D. Rothenberg, Anthony Lawrence, Neil Brian Carey, Air Force Officer Management Flexibilities: Modeling Potential Policies, RAND Corporation (RR-1921-AF), 2017

Lisa M. Harrington, Kathleen Reedy, Paul D. Emslie, Darrell D. Jones, Tara L. Terry, Air Force Institutional Requirements: Opportunities for Improving the Efficiency of Sourcing, Managing and Manning Corporate Requirements, RAND Corporation (RR-1596-AF), 2017

Alexander D. Rothenberg, Lisa M. Harrington, Paul Emslie, Tara L. Terry, Using RAND's Military Career Model to Evaluate the Impact of Institutional Requirements on the Air Force Space Officer Career Field, RAND Corporation (RR-1302-AF), 2017

Tara L. Terry, James H. Bigelow, James Pita, Jerry M. Sollinger, Paul Emslie, User's Guide for the Total Force Blue Line (TFBL) Model, RAND Corporation (TL-233-AF), 2017

Honors & Awards

  • Silver Medal Award, RAND Corporation