Benjamin Trachik is a behavioral scientist and licensed clinical psychologist at RAND, known for his extensive research focusing on military personnel mental health. Trachik's career spans various roles, including Chief of Clinical Psychology Research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research-West, where he served as an active duty research psychologist and led several large-scale research efforts in the areas of suicide prevention, leadership strategy, and organizational reform with the goal of improving psychological health and wellbeing. His scholarly contributions are enriched by his teaching roles and his participation in numerous conferences and working groups aimed at disseminating research findings and improving mental health interventions.

Trachik maintains a robust publication record contributing to journals such as Psychological Medicine, Psychiatry Research, and Psychological Assessment. Trachik also serves as a scientific advisor for DARPA's STRENGTHEN program and actively engages in collaborations with government organizations, universities, and private industry. His work addresses critical issues like suicide prevention and PTSD, but also explores the leadership's role in enhancing mental health protective factors.

Collectively, the goal of his research is to identify organization and policy level strategies that have downstream effects on psychological health. He has been an influential voice in shaping policies related to mental health and military readiness with his research cited in various media outlets and congressional policy recommendations. His ongoing research and clinical work continue to influence both military and civilian sectors, aiming to improve therapeutic outcomes and facilitate mental health through organization and systems level approaches.


Ph.D. in clinical psychology, University of Central Florida; M.A. in educational psychology, Columbia University- Teachers College; B.A. in psychology, University of Montana

Selected Work

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