Michael Vasseur

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Ph.D. in sociology, Indiana University, Bloomington; B.S. in sociology, University of Minnesota


Michael Vasseur is a social scientist at the RAND Corporation. His primary interests center on issues of governance across levels of government or organizations, and crafting measures of difficult to assess concepts using quantitative data.

Prior research at RAND has focused on governance issues in the DoD and DHS acquisition systems within and between organizations in the broader government sphere. He has also applied his quantitative training to a variety of measurement questions in the Army manpower sphere. These projects have focused on the issue of recruitment and marketing, but have also touched on broader staffing issues, training concerns, the costs of readiness, and military outreach.

Recent Projects

  • Cyber power potential of the Army's reserve component

Selected Publications

Michael Vasseur, "Convergence and Divergence in the Renewable Energy Policy among U.S States from 1998-2011," Social Forces, 2014

Michael Vasseur, "Incentives or Mandates? Determinants of the Renewable Energy Policies of U.S. States, 1970-2012," Social Problems, 2016