Padmaja Vedula

Padmaja Vedula
Senior Information Scientist


M.I.P.P. in American Foreign Policy, Johns Hopkins University; B.S. in computer science, Andhra University; M.S. in computer applications, National Institute of Technology, India


Padmaja Vedula is a senior information scientist at the RAND Corporation, specializing in systems architecture, cybersecurity, cyber policy and deterrence, emerging technologies, and digital transformation. She has a multidisciplinary background and her other areas of interest include technology and social well-being, forced migration and refugee assimilation, human rights, and environmental governance.

Prior to joining RAND, Vedula spent 20 years in the software industry as a design architect for the Sun Microsystems and various commercial domains including online trading, media and market research, and supply chain management. She has also worked as a solutions architect for the Department of Homeland Security (USCIS) and as a lead technology consultant for the Louisiana State's Road Home program and Louisiana Land Trust grants management projects.

Vedula received her master’s in International Public Policy (MIPP) from the Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). At SAIS, her focus was on cybersecurity, foreign policy, and human rights. She also holds a master’s in computer applications from the National Institute of Technology, India and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Andhra University, India.

Selected Publications

Vedula, Padmaja, Trupti Brahmbhatt, Jonathan Tran, and Chandler Sachs, Assessing Technology Platforms for Global Health Engagement to Support Integration of Efforts Across Geographic Combatant Commands, RAND Corporation (RR-A1357-3), 2023

Vedula, Padmaja, Abbie Tingstad, Lance Menthe, Karishma R. Mehta, Jonathan Roberts, Robert A. Guffey, Natalie W. Crawford, Brad A. Bemish, Richard Payne, and Erik Schuh, Outsmarting Agile Adversaries in the Electromagnetic Spectrum, RAND Corporation (RR-A981-1), 2023

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Hindi; French; Telugu; Urdu