Mann Virdee

Mann Virdee
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in international development, University of Birmingham; M.Sc. in emerging economies and international development, King's College London; B.Sc. in natural sciences, Queen Mary University of London


Mann Virdee is an analyst in science and emerging technology at RAND Europe. His research primarily focuses on new and emerging technology – such as artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and 5G. He is currently analysing transformations in the space sector through a study of the UK space science research base. Mann has worked on projects that cut across a range of sectors, including business-to-business platforms and emerging cloud services; public engagement for technological innovation; antimicrobial resistance; societal challenges in Norway; work and health research funding; and the future of the labour market in the UK. Mann has worked on a variety of evaluations, including evaluations of the Global Challenges Research Fund, Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and Strength in Places Fund.

Mann has been involved in projects for public, private, and third sector clients, such as the European Commission (DG HOME, DG CNECT, Observatory on the Online Platform Economy); Microsoft; the UK Space Agency; Wellcome; the Research Council of Norway; and various UK government departments (BEIS, DHSC, DfE).

Prior to joining RAND, Mann completed a Ph.D. in international development at University of Birmingham and an M.Sc. in emerging economies and international development at King's College London. He has also worked for the UK Parliament. His background is in natural sciences and his interests include science, technology, foreign policy, international development, and politics.

Selected Publications

Lucy Hocking, Gemma-Claire Ali, Camilla d’Angelo, Advait Deshpande, Cagla Stevenson, Mann Virdee, Susan Guthrie, "A Rapid Evidence Assessment Exploring Whether Antimicrobial Resistance Complicates Non-Infectious Health Conditions and Healthcare Services, 2010–20," JAC-Antimicrobial Resistance, 3(4), 2021

Advait Deshpande, Cagla Stevenson, Mann Virdee, Salil Gunashekar, Study on 'Support to the Observatory for the Online Platform Economy' Analytical paper #8 - Developments concerning B2B platforms and emerging cloud services, Observatory on the Online Platform Economy, 2021

Camilla d'Angelo, Advait Deshpande, Emily Ryen Gloinson, Joe Francombe, Cagla Stevenson, Mann Virdee, Salil Gunashekar, The Use of Public Engagement for Technological Innovation: Literature Review and Case Studies, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 2021

Michael Dinges, Markus Hofer, Karl-Heinz Leitner, David Löschenbrand, Dana Wasserbacher, Stefan Zelenbaba, Benjamin Rainer, Bernhard Dachs, Thomas Zemen, Knut Blind, Pol Camps, Simon Delaere, Advait Deshpande, Salil Gunashekar, Mann Virdee, 5G supply market trends, European Commission, 2021

Emily Ryen Gloinson, Mann Virdee, Fay Dunkerley, Camilla d’Angelo, Carolina Feijao, Gemma-Claire Ali, Mikkel Skjoldager, Andrea Skjold Frøshaug, Torben Bundgaard Vad, Salil Gunashekar, Cohesion and globalisation: An analysis of trends, future directions and potential missions to address societal challenges in Norway , RAND Europe (RR-A966-8), 2021