Molly Waymouth

Photo of Molly Waymouth
Senior Policy Analyst
Washington Office


M.P.H. in health care policy and management, Drexel University; B.A. in Spanish, University of Vermont; B.A. in anthropology, University of Vermont; Graduate Certificate in epidemiology, biostatistics, Drexel University


Molly Waymouth (she/her) is a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. She is trained in health policy research methods with experience managing in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Waymouth’s research largely focuses on topics pertaining to health policies, such as examining health care systems and delivery mechanisms, evaluating health reform policies, understanding health outcomes for vulnerable populations, and identifying factors that influence quality and access to care. Waymouth is also interested in pursuing research on public health policy issues, global health initiatives, reproductive/women’s health, and justice policy. Waymouth has research experience managing large and complex projects and using mixed methods approaches for conducting research and analysis. Prior to joining RAND, Waymouth worked at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) serving as an insurance specialist in Medicare coverage policy, assisting with oversight of state Medicaid programs, and providing consumer assistance with the Health Insurance Marketplace and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Waymouth also worked as a public health advocate and clinical assistant in a rural health clinic in Guatemala, providing patient education on health behaviors and direct patient care. Waymouth holds a Master's degree in public health from Drexel University's Dornsife School of Public Health, with a concentration in health management and policy, and holds a Graduate Certificate in epidemiology and biostatistics. 

Recent Projects

  • The Impact of Telelactation Services on Breastfeeding Outcomes among Minority Mothers: Siteless Tele-MILC Trial
  • Impact Evaluation of Complementarities Between PBIS and Restorative Justice in Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Access to Home- and Community-based Long Term Care for Persons with Dementia
  • IMPACTT: Improving Perinatal Outcomes using Conditional and Targeted Transfers
  • Confidentiality of Military Mental Health Services: Comparison of Military and Civilian Standards and Perceptions of Military Stakeholders

Selected Publications

Doyle, M., Quigley, D., Wynn, B., Physician Reporting Requirements for Injured Workers in California, A Review of Reporting Processes and Payment Policies, RAND Corporation (RR-1406-DIR), 2017

Horvitz-Lennon, M., Breslau, J., Scharf, D., Doyle, M., Nanda, N., Kusche, D., Timbie, J., and Kotzeas, V., Case Study: Early Assessment of the Mental Health Block Grant Set-Aside Program for Addressing First Episode Psychosis and other Early Serious Mental Illness, (RB-), 2015

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