Stephen Webber

Defense Analyst
Washington Office


M.A. in security studies, Georgetown University; B.A. in war studies, Norwich University


Stephen Webber is a defense analyst at RAND where his research spans a range of topics including strategy, military operations, force design, and security assistance. Webber is also an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve where his assignments have included operational planning, partner capacity building, and amphibious operations. Prior to joining RAND, he worked as a contractor supporting OPNAV in the area of strategy development. Webber is currently a doctoral student in the Royal Military College of Canada War Studies Program, as well as a graduate of Norwich University (BA 2011), Georgetown University ( MA 2015) and Marine Corps University Command and Staff Distance Seminar (2019).


  • Operational Readiness

    The Future and Past of War and Disease

    The U.S. government is actively reviewing its efforts to counter biological attacks and the Department of Defense is taking steps that could allow it to perform day-to-day operations during a pandemic, but it might not be preparing adequately for a future large-scale operation during a more-transmissible and lethal pandemic.

    Jan 27, 2022

    United Press International