Ben Williams

Photo of Ben Williams
Senior Research Leader
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in solid phase organic chemistry, University of Nottingham; B.Pharm. (Hons) in pharmacy, London School of Pharmacy, University of London; P.G.Cert. in defence acquisition management, Cranfield University


Ben Williams is a senior research leader focussed on defence, security and infrastructure. He brings a wealth of experience both as a career civil servant within the UK MoD and as a former healthcare practitioner. Originally recruited to the MoD Science & Engineering Faststream, in the past 18 years he has undertaken a wide variety of high profile positions in defence acquisition, science, operational policy and private office, including an Afghanistan posting. Possessing a degree in pharmacy and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Williams maintains a broad range of interests across defence acquisition, science and technology, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.