Aidan Kirby Winn

Adjunct Project Associate
Off Site Office


M.A. in international affairs, Carleton University; B.A. in history, McMaster Univ


Aidan Kirby Winn is an Adjunct Project Associate conducting research and analysis for a variety of defense and security studies at RAND. She is a doctoral candidate in War Studies at King's College, London. Her dissertation examines the Chieu Hoi amnesty program implemented during the Vietnam War to explore the utility of inducements used to encourage defection in counterinsurgency. Her current research interests include terrorism, counterinsurgency, intelligence policy and security assistance and capacity-building initiatives. Prior to joining RAND, she was Associate Director of National Security Studies and Analysis at Hicks and Associates, Inc (a subsidiary of SAIC), leading defense, intelligence and homeland security studies. From 2004-2006 she was a Research Associate in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies where she managed the Transatlantic Dialogue on Terrorism. Ms. Winn holds an MA from the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University and a BA in history and philosophy from McMaster University. She was a 2012 Truman Security Fellow and a 2014-2015 U.S. Army Center for Military History Dissertation Fellow.


  • Can Gitmo's Terrorists Be Rehabilitated?

    Before he closes Guantánamo, Obama must take a clear-eyed look at the record – and anticipate the next chapter of the fight against terrorism. What happens to terrorist suspects after they leave the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, writes Aidan Kirby Winn.

    Jun 29, 2009 The Christian Science Monitor